Basic GIT  Interview Questions

Basic GIT Interview Questions

Friends, today we're going on a fascinating journey through the magical world of GIT interviewing! Get ready for an incredible adventure, where every answer can be the key to success or... to a turtle! 

Basic GIT Interview Questions

Yes, yes, you heard right! Are you ready to figure out what questions can be so poignant that even the Ninja Turtle will shudder?

1.  What is a version control system (VCS)?

2.  What is a git repository?

3.  What does git clone do?

4.  What does the command git config do?

5.  Can you explain head in terms of git and also tell the number of heads that can be present in a repository?

6.  What is a conflict?

7.  What is the functionality of git ls-tree?

8.  What does git status command do?

9.  Define “Index”.

10.  What does git add command do?



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