AWS Basic Interview Questions

AWS Basic Interview Questions

Welcome to our publication on basic AWS interview questions! In this compilation, we've compiled a list of fundamental questions that often come up during AWS interviews. 

AWS Basic Interview Questions

Whether you're starting your journey with AWS or have some experience, these questions will help you gain a solid understanding of key concepts and prepare for technical discussions. 

1.  What is EC2?

2.  What is SnowBall?

3.  What is CloudWatch?2.  What is SnowBall?

4.  What is Elastic Transcoder?

5.  What do you understand by VPC?

6.  DNS and Load Balancer Services come under which type of Cloud Service?

7.  What are the Storage Classes available in Amazon S3?

8.  Explain what T2 instances are?

9.  What are Key-Pairs in AWS?

10.  How many Subnets can you have per VPC?

11.  List different types of Cloud Services.



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