Applying at Amazon: Tips From Recruiters

How to Get a Job at Amazon

Applying online for a position on Amazon's recruitment portal is the first step in getting hired there.

How to Get a Job at Amazon

To help you better understand how to land a job at Amazon, we will dive into the application and interview processes below.

1. Figure out what you really want to do

Amazon has more than 30,000 jobs available, and it's important to know which one you really want to do before applying.

2. Pick roles based on basic qualifications

Make sure your skills fulfill the prerequisites for the position you seek once you've narrowed it down. The job descriptions at Amazon include a list of both required and favored abilities.

3. Chassis your story with data

It's crucial to use data to support your arguments when you come to the resume section of the application. Make sure to quantify your accomplishments as you describe what you've done.

4. Don't judge a job by its title

While meeting the basic skills is required for consideration, also important not to rule yourself out based on the title of the position. Focus on your transferable skills.

5. Don't cut your experiences short

We recommend listing out all of the previous work experiences you have space for. Don't try to pick and choose what you think the recruiter wants to see.

6. Simplify your resume

You could spend hours making your resume beautiful with design elements and images, but Amazon just wants to see your skills, regardless of how they're presented.

7. Identify your unique value

It is advised that you read the job description to determine the special skills you could contribute to the position, then use information to emphasize those skills in your resume.



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