Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Boss

For The Note-Taker

Does your boss enjoy handwritten notes but has a desire to be more environmentally friendly? Consider a smart notebook.  These tech savvy notebooks provide a classic pen and paper experience, yet allow the notes to be uploaded to popular cloud services 

For The Note-Taker

like Google Drive or Dropbox. Most notebooks include between 30-40 reusable pages that, once uploaded, can be wiped clean and are then ready to be reused.

For The Airport Fixture

For the executive that is a road warrior, an excellent gift is one that allows them to be charged and connected at all times.  Make sure your boss is always prepared to work from any location with a universal charger kit. These kits are 

For The Airport Fixture

inexpensive and handy for anyone who has to constantly travel. They come with multiple chargers for a variety of gadgets and are packaged in a convenient travel case that can easily be slipped into a suitcase or briefcase.

For The Forever-Caffeinated

If your boss always has a mug of something warm on their desk, yet you want to avoid the generic Starbucks gift card, try a coffee or tea subscription. Most of these subscriptions allow you to purchase a three or six month gift package. They normally come with coffees and teas from around the world.

For The Listener

The world of podcasting has exploded in recent years with so many options to choose from, covering a vast amount of subjects.  If you know your boss has an insatiable appetite for learning, why not give a gift card for a podcasting subscription? Write down two or three

For The Listener

specific podcast suggestions in your card and why you think your boss would love them.

For The Knowledge Seeker

For the executive who is always looking to broaden their knowledge base, consider the gift of books. There are several book subscription gifts available online from a monthly delivery of curated classics, to best selling fiction, to a variety of nonfiction options. 



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