Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

1. Card bottle opener

This awesome bottle opener is handy for the impromptu Friday office happy hours! It can be stored safely in a desk and is discreet enough to slip into a wallet or purse.

2. Specs holder

Most of us have succumbed to wearing anti-reflecting glasses for the computer these days. This funny gift is not only humorous but quite useful, too!

3. Conversion spoon rest

This useful gift is ideal for the aspiring Gordon Ramsays in the workplace. Plus, it kills two birds with one stone with the measurement references.

4. The Little Black Book of Cocktails

This small black book is appropriate for the holiday season and is likely to brighten up the most drab Christmas party if your coworkers enjoy reading or drinking (or both!).

5. Fidget spinner

Your coworker's stress will be reduced by a chic fidget spinner, which is also a lot of fun to use (I mean, we all have an inner child).

6. Fancy tea

Every office has a tea snob. If your work wife is that colleague, she’ll love you forever if you buy her these posh tea leaves, which are quite the step up from the standard tea bags offered in the office kitchen.

7. Desk calendar

Type-A coworkers will love this desk planner. They can use it as an email backup or at home for their house chores.

8. Planner

This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys staying on top of their tasks and responsibilities.

9. Mouse pad

If your work buddy is sometimes a bit grumpy (and can also take a joke), then this funny mouse pad is a great gift — and an inexpensive one, too.

10. Sticky note set

This cute sticky note set is perfect for your super-organized coworkers. They’ll love getting all their stuff in gear for the new year ahead!

11. Umbrella

Okay, this one might seem like a boring choice. But trust me: it’s a practical gift that your coworker will thank you for on a rainy day when they’ve left their umbrella in the car.

12. Portable charger

Is your coworker always complaining about their phone running out of battery? Help them out with this Grade A high-quality portable charger that is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

13. Mug warmer

This unique gift idea is here to combat cold cups of tea or coffee and will certainly be appreciated by the recipient!

14. Novelty socks

If your coworker is always talking about their favorite Christmas movie, these funky Christmas socks are sure to make them laugh.

15. Chocolate truffle box

What’s Christmas without some boozy chocolates? This little gift is perfect for any chocolate (and booze) lover!

16. Desk golf

This is ideal for the golf fanatics. With this gift, they can have the pleasure of playing a little golf year-round and combat the withdrawal symptoms.

17. Scalp massager

Help your work pal relieve some built-up tension with this scalp massager. It’s certainly speedier than a lunchtime stop at the salon!

18. Business card holder

Upgrade your friend’s current business card holder (aka their coat pocket) to this sleek silver-plated pick.



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