8 Ways To Deal With The Monday Blues

Get Your To-Do List Ready On Sunday

Get your to-do list ready for the new week. When you have a properly planned list, you feel you are more in control and hence feel less of the Monday Blues.

Prioritize Your Health On The Weekend

An unbalanced weekend—one without activity or relaxation—can make Mondays worse.We blame it on Monday, but it is not about Mondays—it is simply not prioritizing our physical or mental health on our days off. So, take care of yourself this weekend, wake up early, and see how that changes your Monday.

Don't Think About Them

The more you think about the Monday Blues, the worse they become.  Get that concept of the Monday Blues out of your mind. The less you think about the Monday Blues, the easier it will be to get through the day.

Get Some Sunlight

Get outside and soak of some sunlight when you can. Sometimes just getting some fresh air can help.  There has been lots of research that shows sunlight stimulates our feel-good hormones and helps us deal with the blues—Monday Blues or otherwise.

Listen To Music

Turn on the music while you make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, when getting ready for the day, or while commuting to work.  It helps take your mind away from the experience of Monday mornings.


By starting early, you allow yourself to make a good breakfast or grab one on the way to work. If you are not a breakfast person, I strongly urge you to try it to tackle your Monday Blues. A stomach with fuel for the day sure helps in dealing with the Monday Blues. If that doesn’t work, look forward to a good lunch with good company.

Realize It Will Be Over Soon

Everything that starts must end. It’s the same with Monday Blues. It’s just the morning that you are usually most affected.  Just tell yourself it isn’t permanent. It’s just a phase and, as with everything else, it will go away. It happens on Monday and it’s just for a few hours

Look Forward To Good Things

There are many good things at work if you just open your eyes and be mindful. Your pay helps you settle your bills. Your colleagues have become good friends.  Your boss, who you may not always agree with, is by and large understanding when you make certain requests.  Look forward to

Look Forward To Good Things

these good things when you are faced with the Monday Blues.



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