7 Ways To Earn Money When You’re Unemployed

Get a Part-Time or Temporary Job

A part-time, temporary, or seasonal job can generate income while leaving you time to search for a full-time permanent role.  Again, check to see how working part-time could impact your unemployment benefits when you’re deciding how many hours you’re available to work.

Find a Remote Job

If working onsite is an issue because of childcare, family, or other issues there are flexible remote jobs you can get hired for quickly: – Search Indeed and Monster using terms such as “remote” and “work from home” to find virtual employment. – FlexJobs has also vetted opportunities for

Find a Remote Job

flexible and remote work. There’s a fee, but there are often discounts available. – Use CareerOneStop’s Find a Remote Job portal to search for positions where you don’t need to commute or work onsite every day.

Check Out ‘Easily Apply’ and ‘Urgently Hiring’ Jobs

There are some companies with positions that hire quickly. In some cases, you won’t even need a resume to apply.

Find Freelance Work

The growth of the gig economy provides an opportunity to freelance and market the skills you may already have.  Use the skills you have from the job you’ve lost or check out gigs that require a different skill set to get started freelancing

Use an App To Get Gigs

Gig work is an option if you’re seeking a flexible work schedule and a way to monetize your time.  Many app-based gig jobs pay immediately, and you can work on demand without committing to a set schedule. Some of the options for gig work include: – Caregiving – Cleaning

Use an App To Get Gigs

– Fixing and Repairing – Pet Sitting – Renting Space – Shopping and Delivering – Task Work – Transportation – Tutoring and Teaching

Sell Your Unnecessary Items

One way to get cash quickly is to sell the stuff you don’t need. Amazon accepts trade-ins on devices, electronics, and video games. There are many sites and apps you can use to sell clothes and household items. Additionally, local sites like Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, or online garage sales are

Sell Your Unnecessary Items

other good ways to sell what you don’t need and generate some quick cash.

Double-Check Your Unemployment Eligibility

Don’t assume that you’re ineligible for unemployment benefits—even if you were terminated from your job. Guidelines vary by state.  In any case, it’s always best to file. Your previous employer may not decide to contest your application. You may also be entitled to extended

Double-Check Your Unemployment Eligibility

benefits if you’ve used up your regular unemployment, or partial unemployment if you’re working part-time.



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