7 Video interview tips

Remember, it’s just a conversation

A video interview is really just a conversation between you and the interviewer. Their task is to determine whether your skills and experience are a good match for the job.  Your goal is to learn more about the opportunity and decide if the role and the 

Remember, it’s just a conversation

company align with your goals. Both parties have to come to the conversation well-prepared and willing to listen and discuss.

Dress for success

It is important to dress in a way that makes you feel confident, comfortable and professional for a job interview — video is no exception.  Even if you’re interviewing from your kitchen, you want to appear as formal as you would be at an in-person interview.

Plan as you would for an in-person interview

The “how” of your interview isn’t nearly as important as the “what.”  Make sure to do your homework on the company, the position you’re interviewing for and, if possible, the person interviewing you. Practice sharing answers to questions you think will be asked.

Practice your answers and prepare questions for the interviewer

Consider jotting down a few key points you want to mention, and practice working those into a conversation naturally. You should also prepare questions to ask your interviewer. In an in-person meeting, you would normally tour the offices, meet other employees and get a general idea of the

Practice your answers and prepare questions for the interviewer

workplace environment. With virtual interviews, you won’t have that option, but it’s still important information to inquire about.

Test your technology setup

This is one of the most critical virtual interview tips. Take the time to test out your computer setup before the call.  Having to troubleshoot internet issues in the first few minutes of your interview will only cause added stress.

Set the stage

One benefit of a virtual interview is that you have much more control over your environment.  Instead of stressing over transportation and worrying about arriving at someone’s office, you can set up your space on your own time.

Know your angles

After you set your scene, do a test run on the video platform you’ll be using for the interview. Here are some things to look out for: – Check for glare. Is your computer screen so bright that it’s reflecting in your glasses? That might be distracting for the interviewer. Try adjusting your screen, moving 

Know your angles

farther away or wearing contacts if you feel comfortable. – Play around with the distance between your chair and the computer. You don’t want your head looking like a dot in the distance, but you also don’t want to look zoomed in. – A good proportion to aim for is a small space above your head in

Know your angles

frame and the tops of your shoulders visible.



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