6 Ways To Show Your Network Some Love

Job It Forward

If you see a job opening, share it with someone in your network you think might be a good fit.  You can send a private message with a link to the opening, or you can just post the opening in your LinkedIn feed for people to see.

Share THEIR Content With YOUR Network

Another easy way to offer value to your connections is to share their content with your network.  If you found a blog post from one of your connections interesting, share it with your network by posting it to your LinkedIn or Twitter feed with a brief blurb.

Share An Article

Sharing an article or video is a great way to start a conversation and/or keep in touch with a contact. Consider this person's industry, interests, and special projects, then share something that's relevant to them. Send your contact a message with the link to the resource and a little bit of context. 

Endorse Their Skills

If you know someone in your network is an exceptional digital marketer, endorse him or her for that skill on LinkedIn! Your endorsement will reinforce the skills listed on his or her profile, which is a huge value-add to him or her. It gives that third-party 

Endorse Their Skills

credibility factor that employers and recruiters are looking for on LinkedIn profiles.

Write Them Recommendations

If you've worked with a contact in the past and/or know they have certain skill sets or character traits, write him or her a recommendation.  Your connections will appreciate this gesture greatly, and may even write you one in return! This takes a little more time and thought, but

Write Them Recommendations

it's worth much more to connections than endorsements.

Make An Introduction

Be a super connector! Look at your network and see which connections could benefit from knowing each other.  Then, make an introduction. Make sure you give a little background on each person and briefly explain how they can benefit from knowing each other. 



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