6 Things Job Seekers Do That Hiring Managers LOVE

Being On Brand With The Company

Companies hire for three things: personality, aptitude, and experience. How you fit into the company culture is a huge factor in a hiring manager's decision whether to offer you the job or not.  Therefore, being on brand with the company and having a real 

Being On Brand With The Company

connection to what they do and being passionate about their mission will all signal to the hiring manager that you'd be a great fit.

Following The Instructions

It is refreshing when a candidate does exactly what the company ask when applying for a position. Different companies only use their own tools to identify talent for open positions. They don't take resumes. That's their requirement. So, when people do what they asked, companies are happy. 

Having Focused Communications​

When you are writing your resume, try to keep the following in mind: "What's in it for the employer?" The best way to answer this question is by quantifying your work experience so the hiring manager knows exactly how you'll add value to the organization.

Showing Examples

If you have a portfolio, SlideShare, CredHive, links to documents, spreadsheets, reports, project plans, ideas, and presentations from Dropbox, send them.  It helps to see what you've done so that company can better imagine you working on a team.

Asking Good Questions

The interview and its precursor communications should help you make a good decision during each step in the process. You should be curious about company, its trajectory, my management style, and the team.  You need to ask good questions to help yourself make a 

Asking Good Questions

well-informed decision. When you ask good questions, it can tell you are curious and that you are thoughtful.

Following Up Smartly

Nothing seals the deal like a smartly crafted follow-up message.  After sending a thank you note, when a little time has passed after the job interview, the best way a candidate can stand out is by sending a news article or blog post that is thought-provoking based on conversation. 

Following Up Smartly

This type of follow-up almost always elicits a follow-up email.



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