6 Intangible Skills That Can Get You Hired Today


"Whistle while you work." Nothing is more attractive and powerful than someone who is a bright spot in anyone's day and shows up with a positive attitude of gratitude. Leave the personal, heavy stuff at home and come to work ready to greet colleagues and customers and make their day brighter.


The "relentlessly changing" world we now live in now requires its workers to be able to flow with change, adapt to change, and navigate change with a can-do it attitude. Those that can adapt the best to personal, policy, and leadership change will be valuable assets to their work teams and workplace.


Nobody wants to hire someone who's stuck in their ways.  In the interview process, it's important to come across as open-minded and coachable, especially if the company values a dynamic work environment.

Team Player

Working together with people of different generations, cultures, and demographics is a coveted intangible that will become more and more important as our workplace becomes more culturally diverse. Your "human relations" skills—be it developing rapport, listening, motivating others or

Team Player

delegating with respect—will be what makes you an important part of any team.


You don't have to be the "owner," president, manager, or CEO to show leadership. Just have a strong sense of personal pride and work ethic, regardless of their personal lives of showing up to do a great job and making a difference every day.


This is pretty simple. The workplace requires people to do more tasks, jobs, and take on more responsibility than ever before. Expect it and get prepared for it. Certainly, this should have realistic boundaries. It's important for you to find work-life balance in whatever position you 


land. You don't want to experience career burnout.



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