50 What to Write In a New Job Card – Congratulation Messages

50 What to Write In a New Job Card – Congratulation Messages

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#1. You wanted it; you’ve got it. But I know how hard you have worked for it. You truly deserve all of it. Congratulations friend on this new job.

#2. Good luck with your new job! May this venture bring success to you!

#3. I am not going to wish you good luck in your new job because I know that hardworking people like you always have luck by their side. Well done and congratulations.

#4. Congratulations on getting appointed! May this job build a firm path for your growth and development. Good luck in joining your new office soon!

#5. All the best for your new job! Your hard work will definitely bring you great fortune!

#6. Dear son, you have always made us proud with your sincere achievements, the new job is no exception! Wishing you all the best for your job and career ahead!

#7. Dear Brother, all the best in your new position! Hope that this job will bring some fun and success to your life. May your hard work pays off!

#8. Congratulations on achieving a great job! We’re sure that all your hardworking and dedication won’t go futile.

#9. Wishing you good luck with your new job. May this new job takes you to the way of success in the journey of success!

#10. Hey warrior, I don’t need to wish you ‘Good Luck’ because I know luck is always with you. After all, you’re a hard worker and a passionate dreamer. Well done and always make me proud like this.

#11. I spent my childhood seeing you having those big dreams and now I get to witness you making them all come true by getting this job first. Congratulations friend!

#12. Sending you a ton of best wishes on a great achievement of yours. May you do awesome and be succeeding to complete the target in your new job.

#13. May this first job start a journey of success in your life that never ends. Congratulations my friend. I hope nothing but the best for you.

#14. You’re moving up! You’ve faced so many challenges on your professional journey and handled them so well. You’re going to do great, no matter what happens. I’m so happy for you!

#15. The people at your job have no idea how lucky they are. Show them your worth! (Hint: you’re priceless.)

#16. Good luck with your new job and hope that this fresh start of your life will add more success stories to your life book.

#17. A new job will surely bring new challenges, but you have that audacity to win over any challenges in your life.

#18. It makes me so happy to watch you chase your dreams (and catch them)! Congratulations on your new job!

#19. Working with you was bliss to all of us. May you find success with your new job, best of luck to you!

#20. Remember that you‘ve been hired cause the company sees you as an added value to their team, so don‘t feel like a newbie!

#21. Don‘t forget that even a small achievement can have a great impact on your life. Best of luck with your new job!

#22. Is it dorky to say I’m proud of you? Because I totally am. Congratulations!

#23. All your hard work has paid off. Congratulations on your new job!

#24. I’m so happy to hear about your new job — you deserve it! Congrats!

#25. Hellz yes. Congratulations on the new job!

#26. Congratulations on getting the hell out here!

#27. Congrats on the new job! Good luck finding co-workers as weird as us.

#28. Way to go! Looks like you’ll be goofing off at a much more impressive job from now on. Good Luck

#30. Best of luck to you in your new job!

#31. With skills like yours, you don’t need luck — but good luck in your new job, anyway!

#32. Those who say that women are not equal to men will be dumbstruck when they meet you. You are the strongest woman I have ever seen. Congratulations.

#33. I wish you lots of patience, coffee, happiness, sunny mornings, and a wonderful career at your new job. I hope you do well, just know that whatever happens, we always have your back!

#34. Good luck with your new venture! I’ll Miss You

#35. Dear colleague, we are going to miss you at the office but we can see you becoming the life of your new workplace! Best wishes to you!

#36. I am so jealous of your ‘new colleagues to be’ because they don’t know what gem of a person they are going to work with. Congratulations.

#37. Congratulations, we will miss you for sure, but we know that your new workplace will not miss valuing your excellence and efficiency. A lot of best wishes for the new journey.

#38. A few days ago you had no job… Haha… It’s kind of funny, how one moment you have nothing and the next you have something or even everything, I wish you good luck in your new career. I just know that you will do great!

#39. Congratulations on the new job! We all know how hard you tried to get this job, and we support you 100%! Never forget that, I wish you lots of luck and especially lots of patience with your boss and co-workers.

#40. You did great things here, and you’ll do great things there. Congratulations!

#41. Your new place couldn’t have picked a better person to join them. Congratulations!

#42. I’ve really, really loved working with you, and I’m so happy you got the job you worked so hard for. Congratulations!

#43. Your work ethic and positive attitude have been an asset to this team and will take you far in your new venture. Congratulations!

#44. Congratulations on your new job! Now you can buy me lots of awesome stuff! (Get yourself something pretty, too.)

#45. You got a new job! So, drinks are on you next time, right? Congrats!

#46. Good luck with your new job! Hope you enjoy it.

#46. Well done for landing your amazing new role.

#47. Wishing you the best and plenty of success in your new job.

#48. You did it! Congrats on the new role, you’re going to do great.

#49. I’m so happy for you! Well done on getting your amazing new job!

#50. Don’t mess this u—I mean, I’m sure you’re going to smash it, well done!



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