5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Job Search Results

Create Measurable Goals

Make sure you are focusing on high-impact efforts like networking versus job board submissions.  Keep a record of your efforts so if an employer calls, you can quickly determine when and how they were contacted.

Scan Your Resume For 15 Seconds

Recruiters read hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. They only have time to skim the top of them, so if you don't give a clear message about what you can do for them, then it is not a good resume. Since this is the most important document in your career, you need to give it the attention it deserves.

Focus On The High-Return Job Efforts

Start by selecting your bucket list of companies where you would love to work. Do a company search on LinkedIn and identify the decision-makers and their staff.  Then, see who you know who might know someone who can then make an introduction for you. Follow the company and

Focus On The High-Return Job Efforts

connect with people on LinkedIn, join their groups and conversations, comment on their blogs, and become known.

Review Your Online Presence

Many employers will Google your name to learn more about you. Make sure you look good on LinkedIn and review your activity on Facebook, Twitter, and any other online accounts.  Take down or change any comments that reflect poorly upon you. Use your own blog, 

Review Your Online Presence

online exchanges, and testimonials to showcase your professional knowledge.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

If a recruiter was searching through LinkedIn to find people for the position you are seeking, would you show up?  Try it and if you are not on the first or second page, go back to your profile and optimize it with the right keywords to get yourself a higher ranking.



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