5 Unhealthy Job Search Habits Keeping You Unemployed

Posting Your Resume On Major Job Boards

For true success, you have to do just the opposite of what most people are doing. Customize your resume for each position you apply for.  Include the hard skills and transferable skills the job requires that you can quantify from your previous work 

Posting Your Resume On Major Job Boards

experience. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but it's the best strategy to get your resume past the ATS and in front of the hiring manager.

Targeting Human Resources And Recruiters

Change your habit of going to HR and instead start going directly to the source or even better, get a referral to the source (that gives you the inside edge).  You can accomplish this by networking your way into the company. Reach out to and connect with current employees on LinkedIn. Mention

Targeting Human Resources And Recruiters

things you have in common, and explain why you're passionate about the company.

Thinking The Interview Has Anything To Do With You

In reality, your objective should be just like a salesperson when they are trying to make the sale.  Your number one job is to serve others. And, the better job you do of proving that, the better you will be received.

Trying To Be The “Most Qualified Candidate"

The best candidate is the best fit, the one who can help the organization meet their goals, not cause a huge rift, and stay for a long, long time. Simple enough, but more challenging to prove than just copying the qualifications from a job description and expecting an offer.

Using Quick Fix (Fast Food) Solutions

That is also called gambling. Sure, sometimes they work; and sometimes people win the lottery.  Instead, do what 80% of successful job seekers do and get proactively involved by researching and contacting as many companies and individuals that you possibly can.



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