5 Tips To Explain Short Tenure

1. Highlight the positives.

Maybe you didn't like your supervisor, or maybe you found it difficult to get along with your coworkers at your last job. Try to view things positively rather than focusing on the drawbacks.

2. Talk about all your learnings.

Each job has given you something to learn. Even if you're happy to put it behind you, you did pick up a few lessons. During your interview, you should discuss how your prior employment aided you in achieving your professional objectives.

3. Be honest and be yourself.

Never feel pressured to embellish the facts or lie during an interview. Being untruthful about your previous mistakes and future expectations can ultimately harm you. Be your true self rather than trying to be someone you're not. 

4. Refocus the conversation on the future.

Even though the interviewer may ask you to discuss the past a lot, you are still allowed to bring up the future. Highlight your professional aspirations and how you hope to advance with this new firm.

5. Be proud, it’s the modern way

Far from shorter stints being problematic, they are increasingly becoming the norm. One of the key trends of 2020 and 2021 is that people, including senior executives, are being offered contract roles. 

5. Be proud, it’s the modern way

In today’s market, the greater danger is staying at an organization for too long. It’s important to stay nimble and versatile.



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