5 Red Flags Employers Watch For In Job Interviews

It's All About The Money

Salary is a factor in determining whether the job offer is ultimately right for you, but bringing it up too early in the interview process comes off as though you're only in it for the money.  And when you're the one to bring it up, it puts you at a disadvantage. 

It's All About The Money

The point is to first make the most impressive mark you can. If you're the one they want, they'll bring up the topic of salary and you'll have an idea of what they're offering, which you can then further negotiate so it meets your expectations.

Bad Talk

 Any bad-mouthing simply sends a negative message about your character. It'll also make the employer question if you can manage workplace relationships professionally. Often, bad-mouthing occurs when employers ask questions like, "Why are you leaving your current job?"

Bad Talk

Stay focused on answering with a positive response that relates back to the goal of improving yourself and utilizing what you're capable of offering.

Poor Communication

An inability to communicate well in a job interview will leave the employer questioning whether you do have the experience and skills you say you have on paper.

Question Of Permanency

Avoid talking about challenges in your job search or how you were looking for a job in fashion marketing, but somehow you're now applying for this job in healthcare marketing.  It brings to question if you're really interested in the job the employer has to offer.

Not Dressing The Part

If you're not dressed the part to look like you suit the job, it's going to be hard for the employer to see that, too. It might also make the employer think that if you can't even manage to present a well-groomed appearance for a job interview that you'll be a slacker when on the job—and that's not going to

Not Dressing The Part

work, especially if this is a position where you may have interface with customers or business partners that require a professional appearance.



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