5 Reasons You Should Continue Your Job Search During The Holidays

Downtime From Work Can Provide More Time To Formulate Your Brand Message

If you haven't spent significant time and effort building your personal brand, holiday vacation time can give you a breather to work on your resume and LinkedIn profile.  You'll benefit from taking a closer look at your top achievements and gathering information about your career contributions.

Holiday Events Provide More Opportunity To Build Your Network

It's no secret that employer holiday parties, open houses, community events, and other venues are great places to network—even if they're virtual networking events.  If you're on the lookout for a new job, you can quickly use these events to learn the names 

Holiday Events Provide More Opportunity To Build Your Network

and job titles of important contacts, plus take the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Employers Hire All Year Long—And The Holidays Are No Exception

Businesses that seem to go dormant during the holidays often hire new teams or set up operations for their busy periods.  Look carefully at your target employers and consider their seasonal needs so that you can capitalize on these trends.

You'll Enjoy The Advantage Of Less Competition

While you're eyeing prospective employers and actively collaborating with recruiters, other job seekers may have decided to lay low during the holiday season.  Because of the diminished volume of competition (including the fact that some candidates 

You'll Enjoy The Advantage Of Less Competition

are unreachable during the holidays), you could quickly be next in line for a call from an employer with an immediate need.

It's A Great Time To Rekindle Former Contacts

Failed to stay in touch with former colleagues or bosses?  The holidays are a great time to reach out and drop a note to your circle, asking them if they'd like to stay in touch and perhaps get together for coffee or hop on a Zoom call.



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