5 Most Popular Office Gift Ideas


I am obsessed with sugar paper planners at Target.  Get all your co-workers these with a little bow on top and they will love you. This is another great way for them to remember how thoughtful you are everyday for the entire next year.


You really can’t go wrong. A few of my favorites for bosses and co-workers are Forbes, Working Mother, Money, Inc, Real Simple, People Stylewatch or Success. This is a great way for them to remember how thoughtful you are every month for the rest of the year.


How many books are on your book shelf?  Why not give your favorites to your co-workers?  If you thought they were great, there is a good chance that those working with you will also.  The best part of this gift is that it gives you something to talk about during the year when they read it.


Who doesn’t want a peppermint mocha or gingerbread latte this time of year?


You usually can’t go wrong with chocolate (unless they are allergic).   The best part is that it’s a gift that you will probably get a taste of when your co-workers open up the chocolates in the office!



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