4 Ways To Upgrade Your LinkedIn Presence

Have A Voice

When you stay active on LinkedIn, your profile will get in front of more contacts. Think about sharing relevant articles with your contacts, joining group discussions—particularly industry and job-specific ones recruiters comb through—commenting on shared content, and so on.

Make New Connections

The more relevant connections you have, the greater the likelihood your profile will show up. For instance, if your profile is connected to five other contacts the recruiter is also connected to, it makes your profile more favorable than someone with no related connections.

Make New Connections

In addition, making new connections is just a good networking strategy. The larger your LinkedIn network is, the more options you have for your job search and overall professional development.

Obtain Recommendatios

A LinkedIn profile with recommendations informs recruiters that you are active in the workforce and have the support of others that can vouch for your skills and talent.  It also encourages recruiters to want to click on your profile to read further into your experience, skills, and talents.

Use Keywords In Your Profile

Make sure your profile is updated with the proper keywords, including them in your sub-header (the headline right below your name), summary, description of work experiences, and under specialties.  If you want to be thorough on keywords, also look at job postings you're 

Use Keywords In Your Profile

applying to for common terms and phrases. It'll help build up your profile's searchability.



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