4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

Trim The Fat From Your Resume

Write succinctly, be specific, edit out filler words, and trim the unnecessary detail that doesn't add to your qualifications for the position.  Review and edit. Then review and edit again.

Use Active Words

Fill your resume with verbs that convey energy and action. Carefully selected verbs also help you create concrete statements that create a visual for the reader.  But be careful. Don't use the same verbs over and over. Do the work and find powerful synonyms.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

In other words, use numbers. By adding figures to your accomplishments, you provide measurable, credible proof of your performance.  Beyond showing revenue, numbers can help provide context of your results through comparisons.

Lead With The Results

Your resume must show how you are the solution because you've done it before. Structure your experience so that each sentence is front-loaded with results. If you think like management, you can pick out what management most cares about, and make sure you highlight that in your resume.



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