4 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Job Search

Determine Your Target

The first step is to clearly identify the job/profession/industry you are targeting. You may even have a company that you've always wanted to work at. Make sure that your goal aligns with your experience. Then (and only then) are you free to begin outlining a plan to achieve your goal.

Update Your Resume As Soon As Possible

This might sound simple, but it is by far the most important (and first) step in a job search.  You need to have your resume ready to roll at a moment's notice. The best time to focus on your resume is when you don't need it.

Figure Out Who Your Resume Is For

When writing your resume, always keep potential employers at the forefront of your mind. Make sure you quantify your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Give them a preview of the kind of positive impact you could have on their organization if they were to hire you.

Realize It's Not About You

The most successful job seekers understand that it's about what you do for others, not about what they can do for you.In every interaction, the most important thing is to demonstrate, "How can I help YOU?" It's the folks who unselfishly look out for those around them who make opportunities happen.



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