3 Tips For Staying Positive During A Holiday Job Search

Laugh, Dance, And Be Merry

What makes you laugh out loud, even when no one is in the room? What songs make you want to get up and dance, even when people are looking? Find those little things that make you happy and pepper them in throughout your day. There's honestly nothing better than a good laugh.

Don't Allow Yourself To Feel Sorry For Yourself

Whenever you start feeling worn down from the stress or start feeling bad for yourself, do something productive.  You could make yourself a structured job search plan that incorporates, or research companies you're interested in. Or you could do something that's not related to your job search at all.

Focus On What You're Excited About

When someone asks you, "How's the job search going?" don't focus on the negative. Instead, tell them about a few companies and opportunities you're excited about.  Focus on your little wins like having a great informational interview with someone from one of your target companies.

Focus On What You're Excited About

Convey your enthusiasm for finding a new job opportunity. It'll make you feel uplifted, and it gives you the opportunity to talk about your job search in a positive way.



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