3 Resume Tips to Consider for 2022

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List your hobbies and passions outside of work

While it’s key to list out your expertise and experience on your resume, providing some additional insight into yourself can help you stand out. Consider listing out leisure activities, such as hiking, traveling, writing or volunteering. 

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List your hobbies and passions outside of work

You never know who’s eye you might catch on the receiving end of your resume, especially when you can help better paint a picture of your personality.

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Be specific

Stating your responsibilities is important, but what did you accomplish? If you can add specific milestones or even some sort of measurable item, such as a statistic, it can provide additional insight for a recruiter.

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Be versatile

Your skills and attributes may differ depending on the job you are applying for. Consider having a few different versions of your resume that best fit the job you are applying to. You may want to adjust your listed skills and prioritize the order depending on the role you are seeking.



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