3 Questions to Ask After an Interview

Ask About the Hiring Process

During some interviews, hiring managers forget to mention when they’ll be in touch after the applications have been reviewed. If it’s been seven to 10 days since the job interview and you haven’t received a response, ask a question regarding the hiring process in your follow up email.

Ask About Logistics of the Position

During interviews, it can be easy to forget or feel nervous about asking a question regarding the position.  If there was a topic you wish you had more clarification on, feel free to ask for more details in your follow up email. For example, if the hiring manager mentioned travel would

Ask About Logistics of the Position

be part of the job, but didn’t elaborate on the topic, ask for more information in your follow up email.

Ask About the Company

If you’re looking for a unique way to stand out to hiring managers when following up, engage them in a conversation relevant to the position you applied for. For example, if the hiring manager mentioned a new project the company is working on, follow up with an article or question regarding that project.



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