3 Interview Hacks That Will Help You Land The Job

Always Research The Company Before The Interview

Knowing the company's mission and core values, knowing how market trends are affecting the company, and knowing who exactly are the company's competitors are all important hacks that will impress the employer during your interview.

Know Your Key Skills & Accomplishments

It's one thing to list your key skills and accomplishments on your resume, but it's another to be able to sell or market them in an interview.  Make sure you list your top skills and accomplishments on a piece of paper before you go into the interview, and be sure to convey 

Know Your Key Skills & Accomplishments

how those skills are valuable to the company's goals/objectives, productivity, and profitability.

Dress For The Job You Want (Not The Job You Have)

It's true when they say that first impressions are everything.  It's highly recommended that you arrive 15-20 minutes early for the interview, bring copies of your resume in a portfolio, and dress conservatively in clothing one level above what the current employees at the 

Dress For The Job You Want (Not The Job You Have)

company are wearing. You want to look professional, but not like you don't fit in with the workplace culture.



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