2023 Team Building Trends

Hybrid and virtual team building

To improve the effectiveness of hybrid and virtual teams, leveraging technology can provide tremendous benefits. Whether you select Zoom, Second Life, or MeetinVR, an interactive approach will ensure that team members remain engaged rather than “Zoomed out” by staring at a screen full of faces.

Team building that pays for itself

Some of the most powerful team building equips team members with a shared suite of tools and engages them in planning revenue-generating initiatives like guerilla marketing, pop-up events, wild posting, viral video campaigns, and charity events.

Outdoor Team Building Simulations

Your team has been cooped up for the better part of two years.  They will welcome the opportunity to get outdoors and participate in energizing team challenges that reflect the themes of our facilitated business exercises.

The gradual return of executive retreats

Now that most destinations have removed or reduced COVID-19 meeting and travel restrictions, there is pent-up demand for executive retreats and off-sites.  This has created an increased demand for resorts, hotels, and other venues.

The gradual return of executive retreats

Leisure travellers who have not ventured to hotels and resorts during lockdowns now have healthier budgets to splurge on luxury resorts. Be sure to book well in advance to ensure you can have your preferred dates and venues. In fact, it is best not to lock in your dates until we have an opportunity to check availability for you.

Fun and games as a short-sighted replacement for team building

Facilitated team building that delivers bottom-line results can be fun. There is a place for team recreation on the corporate agenda but it should never be used as a replacement for team building. Use team recreation to celebrate your success, mark and celebrate special occasions,

Fun and games as a short-sighted replacement for team building

reward top performers, and express appreciation to your top clients.



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