12 Biggest Trends In The Job Market 

1. The Need for Generalist Professionals

In 2022 and beyond, generalist workers will continue to be in demand. Think about the creation of AI-driven solutions that can assist those pros in becoming a little "more specialized" in the acting industry.

2. Social Marketing is Big

Businesses large and small will have a growing need for community management and social media support experts ready to take on customer-centric tasks as customers desire to engage more and more with their favorite brands online.

3. Candidate-Centric Recruiting

A few decades ago, many businesses believed that all they needed to do to succeed was to hire "better" salesmen. This position has been replaced in 2022 by "Recruiting," which is being offered under a plethora of various titles.

4. Predictive Analytics

Analytics has the power to transform the HR function, from recruitment and workforce planning to performance management and employee engagement.

5. Video Resumes Are on The Rise

The proliferation of video resumes as opposed to the well-known written version will be one of the most well-liked developments in the job marketplaces in 2023.

6. Diverse Employment Types

Job markets are always adjusting to new patterns as the post-pandemic stem gradually fades away. In addition to the rise of work-from-home trends, several employment forms are increasingly becoming more prevalent.

7. Candidates Want Employers With Similar Social Beliefs

A company's position on social justice issues like racism, the gender pay gap, and diversity and inclusion initiatives is considered by more than 50% of the applicants.

8. Salaries Are Open for Discussion on Social Media

Salaries can be made or lost by how you talk about your salary on social media. Discussing your income was once frowned upon and seen rude.

9. Remote and Hybrid Work

People's desire to work from home or in a hybrid environment is expected to significantly expand in 2023, which will be a major trend in the labor market.

10. The Focus on Retirement Plans as a Benefit

With inflation playing a huge role in today’s financial crisis, many candidates and companies are expecting/offering 401(k) contributions to work towards their retirement plan and save up for the future to secure funds in a time of inflation.

11. Empowered Candidates and Workforce

These days, candidates seek value, fair compensation, a flexible work environment, and a bright future. Due to their inability to continue operating their businesses, the majority of businesses are also adopting to this trend.

12. The Appeal of Unlimited Paid Time-Off

Because of its ostensibly glamorous appeal, there are probably more businesses offering unlimited PTO, but beware—unlimited PTO has a few drawbacks.



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